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I have found that a scientific understanding of the nature of Reality begins to unfold when its components are examined as simple numbers, for example Nature's number 137

When solar planetary spheres, their distances of separation and atoms are expressed as simple numbers using Solar factor 72 then remarkable relationships manifest. The first few digits of Pi 31419 are revealed involving the Sun, Earth and Moon, and the pyramidal 3 dimensional consideration of the Magic Square of the Sun

At the atomic level the Golden Mean, Phi, Nature's growth constant can be found in the geometry of the hydrogen molecule. Its vesica piscis has the same value, 2701, as Genesis1.1, God's Signature in Light, Hydrogen and Genesis1.1

I was influenced and inspired to investigate investigate God's use of numerals Intelligent Design, after a mysterious incident, similar to an OoBE, that happened to me Michael whilst in waking consciousness during1992.

For an understanding of Walter Russellís Cosmology, Alan Hayes at  http://www.walter-russell.com demonstrates outstanding attempts to re-unite the physical science with the metaphysical

The information needed to obtain the external dimensions of the Egyptian Great Pyramid at Giza is encoded in the Biblical Book of Isaiah, chapter 19, verses 19, 20 and its Hebrew gematria 5449.

The mysterious inscription on Marie de Blanchefort's tombstone  and Sauniere's Parchment2 at Rennes-le-Chateau, and also the knowledge encoded in the Templars divine 'head' CaputLVIIIm , can be found by a means involving numerals.

The positions of some of our most celebrated ancient sites (Stonehenge, Silbury Hill..), and those at Cydonia on Mars Mars/Earth Connection, were laid down in a very ancient past to accord with a pre-defined plan. There is clear evidence of Ancient Geometry used in erection of megaliths in the Saith Maen area of Wales, AND Other Regions in the UK researched by author Alan Watts.

Biblical 144000, (666 and 144000 in Revelation,) is carved on the tomb of Mayan Lord Pacal ( 703-743 AD ) found in 1952 concealed beneath the ancient Mayan pyramid the "Temple of Inscriptions", in Palenque Mexico.

By analysis of the numeric information contained in the Biblical book of Numbers, professor Thijs links ancient and modern scientific knowledge in his tenth book © "The Secret Language of God (Het Geheimschrift van God, Guido Maes Millennium)

Bill Johnston (1915 to 9 Sept. 2003), held in captivity in Stalag 383, a German POW, living in dire conditions, member of a small group, compiled a diary of the knowledge from Higher Consciousness which manifested during its meetings.

There are numerous UFOs sightings reported to Essex UFO&Paranormal Research group. Author Brenda Butler  continues her research at Rendlesham Forest; see her remarkable Photos

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